Wednesday, 9 November 2011

How to Find People for Your Network

Network Marketing or MLM is a very Competitive Industry.

People who are starting in this industry tend to have so many problems in recruiting people because of the negative connotations people have against the industry.

So, how does one find people who are interested in YOUR opportunity?

Look for people who are already exposed to what MLM is all about. 

Why? Because...

- Network Marketers already BELIEVE in the business model.

- Network Marketers have already SPENT MONEY on this industry.

- Network Marketers WANT to succeed.

There are 3 groups of people that are considered your target markets:

First, people who tried networking before but failed. These are the people who are willing to give it another try by looking for another opportunity.

Second is people who are involved in a network marketing and looking for a better opportunity or looking for upline who is more capable.

And the last one are people where their previous MLM company has recently shut down.They might be looking for company to start their business all over again.

Remember this, the most important when your starting to build your network is RELATIONSHIPS.
Start building relationships first to your prospects before showing your opportunity. 

     If you care for your downlines, share this article to them.

     Be a Network Marketer and Pay Forward Your Blessings!

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