Sunday, 13 November 2011

WORK SMART, not hard

Many were saying that for you to succeed in MLM industry you need to work HARD. 

You agree, right? You need to work HARD for you to succeed!

But what would you prefer, working hard or working smart?

Personally, I believe in WORKING SMART!

Stop hunting down all the people that you'll meet! 

You are a Businessman not a police officer. 

Have you seen a doctor walking along EDSA with all his stuff looking for somebody that needs an operation?

Do this business professionally.

Stop being the hunter. Be the HUNTED! 

Prospecting is all about SORTING OUT the wrong people, those who are not interested. 

You'll ask, how could we know if they're interested or not?

 Do a one minute presentation, if they asked for more info about your business, continue if not be thankful because you were able to save your time!  

Stop trying to convince those uninterested people because when they get exhausted and failed, who do they blame? YOU! 

WORK SMART, not hard.

Be a Network Marketer and Pay Forward Your Blessings!

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