Friday, 21 October 2011

To My Fellow Network Marketers! This is for YOU!

     We all know that the reason why  WE, Network Marketers, Direct Sellers and Distributors, are doing this business is because we SAW that this Industry will going to bring us to GREENER PASTURE! So, why don't we buy products from our fellow network marketing and direct selling companies? Through this we may be able to help one another. And through this we may be able to help the industry to grow more faster. It is like "Tangkilin Ang Sariling Atin!". But do not sign up to other company just to take advantage of the discount. People of this Industry, let us all be Professional!

 We All LOVE MLM, I know that. 

     So, let us all give our RESPECT to this Industry. Let us patronize the product of our fellow network marketers, direct sellers, and distributors.

Di ba mas maganda na makikita ng IBA na may UNITY sa mga network marketers?

     If other people would see that there's a unity among us, they will be attracted to join the industry. Remember this: Each one of us, as a responsible citizen of this industry, has a Responsibility to Paint a Beautiful Picture of MLM.  Let's do this business with Credibility and DO NOT let the unethical practices affect our Beloved Network Marketing Industry!

     Network Marketing is a MANA from Heaven! Be Thankful that You're already part of It.
     Be a Network Marketer and Pay Forward Your Blessings!

    If you LOVE and RESPECT MLM, share this to all Network Markters that you know!


  1. Great post bro. I agree with you =) Power!

  2. Thanks Sir. Ian Rustia! Pay It Forward!