Tuesday, 18 October 2011


     Duplication is a simple word or term but most of the time, misunderstood. If you belong in network marketing industry, you'll often hear this term. In fact, it is the most ABUSED word in this industry. We are all aware that the name of the game we're in is DUPLICATION. But the question is, "ANO ang kailangan nating i-DUPLICATE?"? The way we do the business by pusakalan, spamming or tagging, giving out flyers, 3 foot rule, kidnapping and WBUSH (withdraw, benta,utang, sangla & hiram)? No, I'm not talking about these ways of getting prospect. And I don't recommend them.


     So, what is your game plan? Is it Doable? Is it Effective? Is it Duplicable? One of the factors for you to succeed in this industry is, having a game plan that is DUPLICABLE and EFFECTIVE. As a network Marketer, you must and should have a DUPLICABLE SYSTEM to follow. Because if you have a duplicable system, your prospects will TRUST you.If your prospects trust you, they will join you not because of your business but because you WIN their trust. At the back of your prospect's mind they're asking if you could really take them to the top, and also if they could really do your system. So having a Duplicable System is truly a GREAT ADVANTAGE!

     If your prospects join your team, make sure that you'll convert their fear into faith. Be aware that every new member has some kind of fear in starting out his business, most especially the new bloods. Upline should be a good role model for their downlines. That's an SOP! 




Be a Network Marketer and Pay Forward Your Blessings!

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