Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Most Successful Network Marketer


     Do you know that Jesus is the first network marketer? And he is the Most Successful Network Marketer in the history of Multilevel Industry. He used a very unique compensation plan. He did not use stair step or breakaway plan. He also did not use matrix and binary compensation plan. Not even the uni-level or hybrid. What compensation plan then did he use? Honestly, he did not use any compensation plan. What he had was a System. He created his own team. He chose 12 disciples. He anointed them as his leaders.

     Jesus had a very simple game plan, create a small group of people who are serious about the business and who are not satisfied on what they have or on their condition in life. These are the people who really longs a for a change. Looking for a real turning point in their life. People with big "WHY". Jesus used their "whys" and he added his "HOW", his SYSTEM. He shared all the knowledge, skills and available tools that he have to mold and prepared them to duplicate themselves.

     Jesus as a leader is a visionary. He knows what he wants to achieve for his downlines. He sees the destination of his company. And most importantly, he loves what he's doing. He can do all of these things because he has a mentor, the Father. See, even the mentor of all mentors has a mentor. That is his secret why he became the Most Successful Network Marketer

     Do you want to become SUCCESSFUL in this industry?


     Be a Network Marketer and Pay Forward Your Blessings!

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